Winter gray, not today

We are beating the winter gray and lengthy evening blues over here. Our days are quickly passing by. A smattering of our doings now. 
Ollie catches some air! And yes, he is riding a boogie board. Those make thee best sleds. Much better than any sled I've seen out on the hill this year and last. 
Ansel after a good run. These boys love to sled. 
Ian looking at me like, yes mom, I'm warm enough for the sledding excursion. 
Ansel gives Ian a checkup. It's going well. 
Early morning tummy time. Nice job bud!
Ice skating with the pro. Jess loved skating with these dudes. They did great!
Oliver helps Ian stand up. They were both loving it. 
Ansel watches me make Ollie's lunch every morning, and so he made his own today. 
Mom's tea with some sisters of mine. I don't know what it is, but sitting in the Grand America lobby drinking herbal tea and enjoying lemon curd with scones does wonders for the soul. 

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Chap said...

LOve all of these! Thanks for being you!