10am lollipop

Ansel likes going to Trader Joe's because at checkout they often give him a lollipop. They used to just give him stickers, but once he was given a sucker there was no turning back. He asks for the treat every time. 

One morning around 10am we found ourselves at the checkout. He asked for a lollipop and was given one after the cashier asked me permission. He quickly started to eat it. A fellow toddler behind us watched him with mouth drooling. The cashier then asked his parent if he also wanted one. 

"No thanks. He doesn't eat sugar," his mother replied. 

"Wow, that's great!" I responded. Feeling a little sheepish that it wasn't even lunch yet and Ansel was already half way done with his orb of flavored fructose. 

"Actually his favorite food is spinach," the mom added with a big smile. 

That's when I wanted to respond mentioning that, sure, Ansel eats spinach like a dinosaur during dinner. And he likes avocado and peppers. We, too, like vegetables around our house. But instead I said, "hey, that's great!" again and went on to help Ansel throw his finished sucker stick in the trash. 

What would you have done?


The Jeff Bylund Family said...

I would have probably done the same. Very funny!

Chap said...

I'm proud of you for just making the other mom feel good about her mothering!!! I probably would have actually been dumbfounded, but would tend to want to justify myself, hence why I am so proud of you for just making her feel good! You're the best!