Last night Jess and I finished a movie that took us three nights to barrel through. The movie was so bizarre and slow, but it had Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt in it so we thought at some point it would get better. It did not. I do not recommend it and don't want anyone to suffer through it and so I give you the title, Meet Joe Black. Painfully slow, mostly awkward, and 180 minutes that could be spent doing, heck watching, something much better. 

The fun thing is that Jess and I watched it together, making clever comments and pithy jokes at the awkward film's expense. I had a great time. The movie was lame. But the company was good. 

And here we are trying to get a family photo with our kids on Christmas. Ollie and Ansel thought it'd be really funny to act like they were picking their noses. It's like they're 7 and 3 year old boys or something. 

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Chap said...

I loved your movie comments! I wish I could've been a fly (or maybe a bat, well, something that hears well) on the wall during the movie. Cute cute picture of some of our favorite people!