Heaven is for Real: A Review

While I have heard this boy's story several times and I know there is a movie coming out, I'd never thought of reading the book until a sibling suggested it.  This is a quick read.  Two days tops.  The book is interesting and enjoyable.  It describes the series of events in the life of the parents and a four year-old before and after he tells them he's been to heaven.  I am a fan of non-fiction and this was a good read.  Plus, it's a great discussion book.  Ahhh, if only I had a book club.


jo said...

I just recently read this book also (for a book club, ha ha). I'd be interested in chatting about it with you soon. So interesting.

Angie said...

Let's make a book club!

Amy Orton said...

I'm with Angie.