Yesterday, the kids and I saw a squirrel with his mouth full, and I mean so full, of acorns run across the top of our fence. I love when I see things in real life that I have heard about my whole life but never experienced.

Has this happened to you?

About a year ago I saw a bird pulling a worm out of the ground; tugging, and tugging, and tugging.  You know, like you see in the cartoons.  I had seen birds pull worms and eat them, but never tugging, it was great. 

Then there was the first time I saw a glow bug, a pineapple plant, a blueberry bush.  All experienced with a sense of awe at this neat world we live in.

Ansel is at that stage where everything is new and amazing. Yesterday he went swimming for the first time.  Amazing.  Studied the drain at the splash pad. Amazing.  And he continues to discover each day, observing and picking up bugs. Amazing.  Walking in a canyon stream, touching the rocks and pebbles. Amazing. He's learning to use a spoon, dig around in the sandbox, make car noises. He loves people and has no fear.  I call this the little scientist stage and I've got to say I hope neither of my kids ever let it leave them entirely.


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Chap said...

I think they will always have it, because they have a mom who values it and allows it. Good job. (I was surprised that birds had to tug so hard to get a worm-and wow,they must have amazing hearing powers to know that the worms are there!)

Angie said...

You ARE really good at this! This is one of your talents in life- you're interested. (In case you didn't know.)