Birthdays and birthday cards

We've celebrated two birthdays over here that need mention.  Happy birthday to Ollie (for whom I have no photos since misplacing my camera) and Jess. Two top notch people, guaranteed!  And look at this drive-way birthday card (that Oliver made with Grandma). Part of it reads, "HB:J!" which translated is, "Happy Birthday: Jess!" Little does Oliver know he is already hip to text-like talk, although he came up with it entirely by himself.

On another note, Jess and I recently discussed text acronyms and phrases that we know and some we haven't a clue. We also discussed shortened words like awks, cray cray, and totes. And before I make any sarcastic comments, I guess I should withhold judgment because, as a teen, I shortened words all over the place.

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Chap said...

What a great card.