bp's science: the odds

Maybe you've recently seen the latest marketing announcement made by Quicken Loans: fill out an NCAA tournament bracket perfectly and win one billion dollars.  Whoa!  Basically, a person has to take 64 teams and decide who will win the first 32 matches, then take those matches and decide who wins the next 16 matches, then the next 8, the next 4, then 2 and the final game.  So what are the chances of guessing the winning team 63 times?  The main number cited is one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.  But some say you can use your knowledge of good teams and not so good teams and bring the odds up to one in 576,460,752,303,423,488.  So basically, this is marketing social science and mathematical odds coming together to create one great advertising campaign.  A campaign that looks to gather a lot of personal information from those hungry to beat the odds.

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