get a move on!

Yesterday, while driving home, I was taking a 25 mph road.  I was going about 29 mph.  A teen tailed me for most of it, got fed up, and passed me using the oncoming lane.

I didn't get all that bothered.  This surprised me.  I mean, a while back, that would have really bugged me.  But not anymore.  Ha!

About three blocks after the teen passed me, he had to stop at a stop sign.  I saw him slam on his brakes.  Sweet justice.

Okay, maybe I was just a little bugged.


jo said...

Gees... somebody get that teen a reality check. They could have really hurt somebody. I think it's the precious cargo that takes the wind out of being bugged at these situations. It sheds a little bit of light on the way mom drove, doesn't it? ha ha... I think about that when I'm going slow, taking turns extra cautiously.

Jess said...

For some reason, this post brings to mind birds, even birds flying two-by-two. Not sure why.