Frugal or just plain cheap?

You know you are frugal/cheap when:
  • Your version of internet shopping is perusing the pages for items, placing them in your cart, but never pressing the "buy" button.
  • Going to Costco is one hour of long division practice, taking the price of an item and diving it by the number of items in the box, then trying to remember if that is a better price than the previous math you've done earlier that month at the local grocery store.
  • You wait so long for something to go on sale at the Gap that it is no longer there, or it is there but the only size they've got is XXL.
  • You never get items that you so desperately need, so your sisters/friends end up buying the items for you.
These are some of my current examples.  How did I get this way? I'm not sure.  Sometimes it serves me well and sometimes it does not.  The funny thing is, I don't mind spending money (sometimes) to eat out or travel, but when it comes to other things it takes me forever to make the purchase.

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Jess said...

Hmmm... cheapugal?