This sums it up

This photo is a great way to say a thousand words about our life around here at this point. I love this photo because:

1. Ansel is being held by Jess (which is a very common theme in our house),
2. Jess is sleeping,
3. Ollie is eating his dinner and is as happy as can be, but
4. He is eating alone since I am finishing up making dinner for the rest of us because I got started too late;
5. And finally, it is 6:15pm and it is still very light outside.

These days are uneventful. My mom always said an uneventful day was a good day. She was right.


jo said...

Such a great family portrait! One of my favorite parts? Ollie eating with "G" and "O". This photo shows exactly why dinner can take a back seat for a while: a happy family together is time well spent.

p.s. feel free to get yourself some frozen pizzas... true they aren't the best meal, but for days when time seems to fly (days like you're having now), they are heaven sent.

Chap said...

I love what your mother said (and I love your family!)