Here's Ansel at 7.5 wks. He's growing lots and is as cute as can be.  Look at those big eyes.  They will probably be, what we call around here, chocolate browns - just like his pops and brother.  His hair on the other hand is light with auburn hues.  We shall see where that goes.

I am trying to master the skills of being a mom of two.  I am far from it.  Yesterday I did not try to venture to the grocer with two.  So instead, I found myself at the store at 9pm, after Jess got home and we put Ollie to bed.  I was at Target and, after filling my cart with food items, got caught up looking at shoes for a brief moment. What was I thinking?  Get home, go to sleep for Pete's sake!

This is a fun time.  A good adventure.  So nice to have two little ones.


jo said...

Oh my, that is one darling boy! I think in this photo he looks a lot like Jess. Seriously, Ansel, you can't get any cuter, buddy.

And I don't blame you on the grocery store. That's kind of our same system these days. I'm pretty sure I can be caught browsing the shoes at Target when I should be asleep too. Ha ha. Great minds think alike. :)

Chap said...

I was looking at pictures of Ansel on your picasa album and I think he looks a lot like Oliver, just different eyes. (isn't it funny how we all have different opinions about that and really they change their looks with every expression) one thing everyone agrees is that he and the rest of your family are very cute! i got a good laugh out of your Target experience! Thank goodness stores stay open late (or around the clock)!