Born to Run: A Review

So did you hear about the running barefoot craze? And did you believe it? When I heard about people running barefoot or in vibram five fingers shoes, I thought it was a bunch of baloney. After reading Born to Run, it doesn't seem like baloney anymore, and even though I don't think I'll take up barefoot running, I have tried to adjust my running technique a bit.

Born to Run is a non-fictional account based on the author's experience as he learns about, talks with, and runs with the Tarahumara, a tribe in Mexico whose running technique and stamina would amaze anyone really. As he prepares to run for a 47-mile race, he goes on to explain the nature of running and why humans are "born to run." Take for instance the arch in our foot, the Achilles tendon, the nuchal crest in our skull; all things that show we are born to run. We were built to run and our bodies require that we do it, the author says, to keep us healthy, physically and mentally. And when we run, we need to being doing it for a greater purpose. Running should not be work. It should be fun.

A lot of new ideas were brought up in this book that I'd never even thought of before and I really enjoyed the way the author did it. He explained things that were fact-based by telling an excellent story alongside the bits of information. Full of characters like Bonehead Billy, Barefoot Ted, and Caballo Blanco, it really is a joy to read. A discovery of sorts. You won't be thinking barefoot running is totally and completely preposterous by the time you finish. I promise.


jo said...

a must read for sure!

Chap said...

A good technique for running, though it takes a while to master.