What’s the magic word?

Today Ansel finished his last day of preschool off with a magic show. It’s quite a fun way to wrap up the end of the year. At one point the magician said, “Now every body, what is the magic word?” Ansel yelled out, “Please!” to which the magician replied, “Ha! Now that’s one polite kid!” I think the word he was looking for was “Abracadabra,” but for as long as I can remember my mom always said “Please” was the magic word and I’ve passed that onto my kids. It was too cute and funny! Here he is with his preschool teacher, Ms Lisa. She was so great with the kids. 

And just last night Ansel shyly said to me, “Mom, I think I have a crush on you.” Ahhh, be still my heart. He also mentioned today that I will definitely be invited to his wedding. Oh, I just love this five year old and his kind soul. 

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