Mother’s Day, belated

I can’t let May pass without a note about mothers. Mine was wonderful. My husband’s is superb. Then their are the many other mothers I watch and learn from, my sisters included. 

All of these women, super human. The more I mother, the more I realize their super powers. Patience, independence, creativity, trust in God, the ability to worry without showing it, the need to work beyond exhaustion, kindness and understanding, and love. 

I’ve got a group of boys under my purview that require all of the things I’ve mentioned above but which I’m still working on. Except for love. I’ve got the love thing down. 


ZhaoKids said...

You are great Ash! Getting the love down. I am trying not to kill my kids...BIG and small. :)

ash said...

Haha! Thanks @ZhaoKids! And you are pretty great yourself!