When Ansel recently came home from a get together with cousins he couldn't stop talking about the "Hexbug triple set!"  He then decided he wanted one of his own for his birthday, no...for Christmas, wait...for summer! Imagine his disappointment when I informed him that just wanting something doesn't mean he'll get it.  I then said something sarcastic like, "if we all had what we wanted I'd have a Audi 4 RS and a pool in the backyard," which is funny because I don't really want either of those things, but heck, I was trying to make a point. Well, Ansel didn't care about the point I was making and decided to buy the Hexbug triple set with his own money. I was a little surprised he was willing to fork over 80% of his current earnings (who are we fooling, it's all birthday and Christmas money from his grandparents), for the toy. I even delayed ordering it because I thought his excitement might die down over time. It did not. The kid counted down the days until the set would arrive. As a side note, during the waiting period, Ansel began to think a little more about money as evidenced by a question he asked me one night. "Mom," he said, "is Dad the richest in our family?"

The Hexbug triple set came just today and it was welcomed with great excitement. I love capturing what it feels like to get the first thing you've bought with your own money. For Ollie it was a globe and he gave the thing a hug. Ansel's excitement was very similar for his set. 

The toy was worth the cash and the boys have been playing with it all morning. And now the neighbors are loving it too. And this is all I really want. 

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