In the middle of the school year we had a squinter. He wanted to wait until third grade to get glasses, but I felt like a negligent parent after a few months and made an appointment. At the appointment it was clear is he was near sighted, just like his mom and dad (sorry about that Ollie). By the time we were done with the check, Oliver said to me, "Can I get my glasses now?" Clearly, the boy was grateful he could see leaf outlines on trees and read words from far away. 

Cheers to solving a problem with relative ease! And now he's got to wear them to school. The next hurdle. With two days left of the school year, I'm guessing he'll leave that for third grade. And that's totally fine with me. I get it. I was worried about "introducing" my glasses to my peers too.

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jo said...

That is one cute kid. 😄