Things worth remembering about these days...
Ollie smelled fire outside and didn't want to smell it, thus the protective nasal gear. 

Cute 7 month old with a hole in his pjs.

Celebrating my 35th at the symphony. I fell asleep due to lack of sleep, but it was the best nap on the second tier of the hall I've ever had. And the part I did see and hear was very good. The conductor led and played the piano. 

Jess has the magic touch when it comes to getting Ian to eat solid foods. 

Ollie gets Ian to smile. 
Ansel and his cousin giving air and light to their newly sprouted seeds. 
Ansel is quite the climber. He also likes to dress up as a railroad engineer. 
Giving this kid a swig of water. He loves to do this. 
Sleeping soundly. 
Three boys sitting on a futon. Do we see a familial resemblance?


Chap said...

Oh, Ash, I just love to see these entries! What a happy life these cute boys are having! Great job, parents!!

Angie said...

You're such a great mom! And I love the birthday nap!

jo said...

There is so much about this post that I love. What is it about a cute little toe sticking out of well-loved Jammie's that is so cute? You have an awesome little family.