Book Review: Steve Young - Life Behind the Spiral

Okay, guys, I've read a book this year!  Actually, I think it might be my second or third book of the year, but the fact that I can't really remember, might mean that it is really my first.  No wait, I know I've read one other, so I think it is my second.  Yep, I think that's right.

Jess brought this book home the other week because a colleague got an extra signed copy and gave it to him.  Ever since I met Steve Young while volunteering at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, I've been a fan, so why not read his life story.  I dig a good autobiography.

It was a great read.  I like football and his story is good. I enjoyed the book.  Sometimes I'd skim over stats, but that's about all I'd skim over. The guy was a hard worker.  He had perseverance.  He always tried to do what was right.  He was great under pressure.  My favorite part however, came in the epilogue when Steve Young went on to explain his life after football.  He mentions all of his kids and their interests. He mentions his first son was into singing, the arts, computers and comedy.  His second son who loves sports.  His two daughters, one who likes gymnastics and the other dance.  I think the reason I enjoyed this part was because it seemed to me that Steve was celebrating his children for who they were and wanted to help them excel in what they liked even if it wasn't football.  I have three sons.  I am sure they will each be into different things.  I hope to help them  succeed in whatever skill or hobby or interest they may have, with the determination and focus like that of Steve Young.

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