Whirlwind Day

Things are hopping these days! Many goings on scheduled here and there, half of which I forget and end up apologizing to people for doing so.  It's busy, but a good busy. Plus, buying our second car has proven to take longer than (it should or) we planned. We sold our old car thinking the purchase would be quick, this has left us with one car, which has added to the craziness of our current days and today was no exception. Here is a timeline of one day just for the heck of it. 

6:45// Ollie wakes up and goes downstairs to draw and read. 
7:00// Ansel wakes up and proceeds to come into our room to deliver the line, "Mom, wake up and come downstairs."
7:30// Breakfast is served. I make Ollie lunch and sign agenda. 
7:45// The boys take a rare morning bath because we've had two tub-less late nights in a row (due to previous busy/fun days).
8:47// We leave to pick up carpool and drop off at school. 
9:30// Leave to take Jess to work. 
10:00// Receive text asking, "is Ansel coming to preschool co-op today? 
10:07// Drop Jess off. 
10:05// Receive text asking if we'd like to meet at the library today with a friend.
10:20// Kindly decline library invite via text. 
10:30// Send text apologizing for forgetting and missing preschool.  
10:46// stop at Target. 
11:15// lunch. 
11:45// give Ian a bath. 
1:55// pick up carpool. 
2:00// neighbors come over to play. 
2:55// take phone call from sister. 
3:00// neighbor child smashes finger in back door. 
3:45// break up fight between kids. Send neighbors home. 
4:20// eat early dinner. 
4:45// prep Ollie for soccer game. 
5:00// leave for game. 
5:16// figure out I misread the schedule and his game is actually in an hour.
5:50// pick up Jess. 
6:15// go back to fields for Ollie's soccer game. 
6:40// go to feed Ian but find that he's had a major blowout. Go to public restroom and clean Ian. Throw away soiled diaper as well as his onesie. Find that I've forgotten extra clothes for Ian. He rides home in a diaper and orange muslin blanket. Looks like a Tibetan monk. 
7:10// drive home and change blouse that is covered in newborn poo. 
7:35// arrive at friends' wedding shower. 
8:35// go home and hold Ian so Jess can pack for international trip. 
10:20// leave to drop Jess off at airport. 
11:15// arrive home. carry a sleeping Ansel up to bed. Walk a had-been-sleeping Ollie up to bed. Take sleeping Ian up to room in car seat. 
11:30// go to sleep. 

A good day :)

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jo said...

No way! I am 100% amazed. I know that's not why you posted this, but truly, wow, wow and wow. you don't have to be this awesome everyday, but just know, this sister is in awe. p.s. I love that a sister phone call makes it into the day :)