Laundry lifesaver

Here's the truth: I am not a fan of laundry.  Especially the folding part. I have been known to leave a whole pile of laundry on the bedroom floor until we've worn about 91% of it.  That means it lays there for a whole week. I am not proud of this. The worst part of the system is trying to find socks. All the sifting and re-sifting just to find a match. Exhausting. Infuriating. And my fault. 

I knew something had to be done. So I went to Target. I bought four cube bins. One each for Jess, the boys and me (Ian's clothes are cleaned separately due to scent free detergent but I'll add a bin for him when the time comes).

Now instead of throwing the clean pile of laundry on the floor, I immediately separate it into the bins. Then, usually a bit later, I take the bins to the respective person's closet to fold the clothes and put away all in one step. No folding in my room and carrying each pile to their room. This makes laundry so much easier!  And no more laundry on the floor. 

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jo said...

Just the solution I need! I'm so glad you shared this! I don't need to show you the enormous pile that has been making a home on my bedroom floor for OVER a week. [shame ensues]