The boy who loves dip

Ansel is almost 2! Wow!  This boy is one special kidlet. He talks so much and is using words that I didn't even realize he knew the meaning of. He runs so fast. So much so that he gets ahead of himself sometimes and then says to me, "too fast!" He loves to dip his food in sauces: fries in ketchup, chips in salsa, bananas in ketchup, oranges in salsa, and carrots in fry sauce. Sauce is king. He likes to grab our hands and tell us to "come on" and play with him. He loves to swing and listen to music at the same time. He could do that for days. He loves to kick the soccer ball and put on Oliver's soccer gear.  He wants to be in Kindergarten with his bro. The truth is, he's growing lots and its a joy to watch. He certainly isn't a baby any longer. He even refuses to sit in his high chair anymore and so it has been retired. We have a full fledged toddler over here and he's loving every minute of it.

Ansel climbed into the dishwater one afternoon and proceeded to play in it. No surprise here. 
Today he declared he was "an artist."
The boy likes us to read to him lots these days. One of his current favorites: The Man in the Moon.


jo said...

What a cutie! Dishwater... What will they come up with next?

Chap said...

I love that he plopped himself into your sink! He fits just right.