What about instagram?

I've done it.  I have joined instagram.  It's not facebook, but it is instagram.  Some of my friends would say this is progress.  I would say that's probably true.

Here are the reasons why:
1) To keep in touch with people who want to keep in touch
2) To keep a photo journal and make a book of photos with captions
3) instagram is like unto the "picture a day" idea I undertook in 2000 and it plays towards my interests (May I just say that back in 2000 when I was taking a photo a day, people were kind of annoyed at times.  I would say that attitude toward picture taking has changed for the most part.  Interesting.)
4) the app DAYS is not really supported anymore, seeing as the creators are on to bigger and better things

And so it begins.  ASH.DORE is the name, instagram is about to be my game.  Yeah, that was pretty lame.  Wow.

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