Dino land

This weekend we ventured southeast to Vernal and Dinosaurland. The kids were in heaven (having cousins around helped). I was taken back to my childhood days of visiting these places. Jess remembers doing it too. It's crazy to think that this activity has come full circle. Me with my kids going to a place I so closely relate to as myself being a kid. How's that for eloquence?

There is amazement and wonder to seeing fossils lodged in the earth as opposed to put together and on display in a museum. Wow!


Chap said...

Oh Jess, Some day Ansel is going to look at that outfit and say Dad how could you let me wear those colors together?? (do you remember the picture of you and little brothers in your crazy-but in style-shorts right there?) :)

ash said...

haha! Yes that outfit is quite lovely isn't it? I was packing last minute and was out of pants, so I packed those red beauties. I think I did it subconsciously so Ansel would look like Jess from 20+ years ago :)