Time is flying by

These last couple of weeks have been full to the brim with stuff, and so I find myself at December 10th thinking it should be November 30th.

Before I get into anything else, I must write that Oliver is in the mode where he asks lots of questions.  For instance:

What does "tilt" mean?
What does "flee away" mean?
What about "lean"?
Or "lonely"?

Sometimes my explanations aren't too good.  Like the time I tried to explain "understand."  I told Oliver it's when you comprehend something.  His response, "What does 'comprehend' mean?"  Which I followed up by explaining that it's when you understand something.  I caught my circular explanation and tried again. "It's when you get something or when something makes sense to you...Does that make sense?"  Nice.

Not only does Oliver like the meaning of words, he's also sounding them out and reading a bit.  He's getting the hang of it.  The best was when I went upstairs to find him spelling things out during his quiet time.  Here's his spelling of "QUIET."

Jess and I are getting the hang of living in our new place.  We've officially bought a new tree trimmer, a hand saw, a snow shovel, and a toilet handle.  I used to wonder why people shopped at Home Depot.  Now I know.  It is because they took care of their home, instead of a maintenance man doing it.

If we were in DC this year, I can imagine what my life would be like.  It would be good and we would be doing good things surrounded by good people.  This year, we are in Utah.  And we are still doing good things surrounded by good people.  And I am grateful for each day.  And I am grateful for this season.  And I am trying to enjoy each minute of it one Osmond Christmas tune at a time :)


jo said...

No way, snow?!? I'm pretty jealous. We've just got a cold then warm then cold then warm going on.

Great post. I wish it was spelled "qiyt". That makes a lot of sense. Wish we could celebrate with you guys this year.

p.s. I was also thinking I'd read Les Miserables. Just to see what all the hype is about. Apparently it's good :) You'll have to let me know.

Chap said...

We are so glad that you are here in this state-but know that the people in the east are sad to be without you this year! We sure enjoyed our wintery outing with you last Saturday. Oliver is darling.