Random notes

Last night Jess stayed up very, very late to finish a good book.  We are talking the milkman is making deliveries- type late.  And he did most of it standing, leaning against the counter with his elbows.  That man can really get into a book.  I told him from now on, only picture books will be checked out from the library for him.

Every time I am looking my very best, I run into someone I know at Target (I say sarcastically).  But really the difference between my best and my not so good is quite minimal, so it's not all that bad.

Oliver has decided that our next child will be named Colt.  I cannot be sure where he got that name idea, but it has stuck with him.

And finally, did you know that Christmas was officially declared a holiday in the United States on June 26, 1870?  I learned that from my sister's Christmas card this year.


ZhaoKids said...

May I ask what book did Jess read? Just curious =)


PS: Miss you guys, have a wonderful 2013~

ash said...

The book was The Thin Red Line. Jess said it was very intense and not family friendly, but interesting indeed. I probably won't read it myself, but I am glad he enjoyed it.