Talking up a storm

Oliver is very talkative these days. Yesterday, I don't think he had a 10 second break between any two thoughts. He has lots to say and many questions to ask. And the best part is, he pronounces question as "quesh-kin".

He likes to ask what letters words start with. For instance, "Mama, what does Cup starts with?" (there is always an 's' on the word 'start'.) And lately he asks what double syllable words start with in two parts, "What does 'Choc' starts with? What does 'Late' starts with?" or Dia Mond, or Restau Rant. It's neat to see his mind put it all together.

The other day I was the one asking him the questions, specifically what his favorites were. It was very clear that his mind was made up on these because he answered the questions so quickly:

Favorite toy: Big Bird
Favorite number: 2
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite letter: A
Favorite game: checkers (which he has not played but which is in a book we read)
Favorite food: almonds

It is lots of fun to be a mom to such a loquacious kid. It makes for some good times.

Here he is holding up his name, which he wrote all by himself (I let him know what letters came after 'O'). My favorite letter in the bunch, the big 'V'.


jo said...

Love this post. And the big "V". That is one cute boy.

Chap said...

Oh my goodness, how much we love this OliVer!

Chap said...

and how much we love you for having this blog!

The Theodores said...

Logan and I laughed so hard while reading this! Ollie is SO cute and he's getting SO big!