bp's science: dental health (v.1)

Of course you know that if you brush your teeth too hard your gums recede. But did you know that gums do not regenerate? I thought the mouth was a great healer, regenerating peridontia included! Not so. I did not know this (am I the only one?), and I brush my teeth too hard. I'm going to need to stop.

photo of Oliver and I brushing each others' teeth, Summer 2010


jo said...

I did not know this either! I was informed during a visit to my dentist and I think I had to ask twice just because I couldn't believe it. I was sure there would be a quick fix. And I too am shocked that that great healer--the mouth-- didn't include those precious gums.

Chap said...

I learned this several years ago, and agree that it is sad-and hence the expression: someone gets "long in the tooth" or you could say-short in the gums!

kel said...

yes, the sad truth.