Christmas goodies and some

So I've been baking a bit around here. My first holiday treat, chocolate mint cookies:

I can down 5 or 6 of these delicious treats and not bat an eye. The mint in them makes me think I am eating just that, a mint, and so the fact that they are basically brownie batter rolled in powdered sugar does not even figure into my conscience. I have never used mint extract in my cooking. This is the first time. And while the cookies were good, I think I may have my small bottle of peppermint extract for many years to come.

While baking I decided to take some photos of Oliver testing out the cookies. Here is the one I took before I dropped the camera:

And here is the one I took immediately after:

The camera really seems to lighten up every photo now. Jokingly, I told Jess that we will definitely be documenting a "white" Christmas this year with our broken camera. He immediately responded by getting on the internet and researching possible new cameras. At least we've had the one I broke for 4+ years. C'est la vie.


jo said...

but may I say, such a cute "brightened" photo it is. And what a delicious treat. They look wonderful.

I bet you could find a mint chocolate cake (a la Glause) that extract would love to join, eh? ha ha.

Natalie said...

Guess we know what Santa's bringing you this year. ;) Those cookies look delicious!