bp's science: mistletoe (v.1)

I know we enjoy this Christmas-y plant here at our house (oh, ho, the mistletoe, hung where all can see). Do you? Ollie calls it "whistletoe".

Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that attaches itself to tree branches and grows using its own photosynthesis and the tree's minerals and water.

But before you judge this plant, it has been found that mistletoe can be helpful to the plants it attaches itself too. For instance, when mistletoe attaches to juniper trees, more juniper plants sprout because mistletoe berries attract birds and when birds eat mistletoe berries they eat more juniper berries too.

Interesting stuff, eh?


AnnaM said...

You've inspired me to go and get some mistletoe to hang at my house :)

Chap said...

Did you know that in the south they would shoot the branches to get the mistletoe down? (it's always way up in trees-as your picture shows!)