Too many plums

Do you sometimes get carried away when you go to Costco (or any warehouse store)? My weak spot is the produce (it used to be the muffins, but I have since moved out of that phase, although it was a grand phase, those things should probably not be eaten on a regular basis). Take for instance my last visit. I picked up the following:

1 water melon
12 peaches
carton of grapes
carton of tomatoes
bunch of bananas
bag of green beans
carton of plums

...and I had to stop myself from buying 12 apples, a bag of snap peas (that were soon to expire), and a carton of blueberries.

We didn't have a hard time whittling down that supply, to tell you the truth, but we had some plums that were very tart. And we had 14 of them. And they were hard to swallow (pardon my pun). So I tried out this recipe for plum cobbler and I think I've found something that I will make every summer. Delicious!


Chap said...

oh-oh, sounds like you need an extra frig! I bought a giant container of green beans, the really skinny ones- and it was hard to get them eaten before they started to go bad...i know what you mean! I always think those places are made for bigger families and businesses, but we still go and buy, too!

Natalie said...

I can't tell you how much this post made me miss Costco. Next time you're there pick up some goodies for me. ;)

kel said...

my faves are the avocados. they are always so good! we down the produce here too.

jo said...

nothing like a craving for some tillamok cheese for a great price to make you wish you had a Costco nearby. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the produce that was calling your name.