Piano Horn (2 instruments in 1!)

I got this toy for Oliver the other day because he is very much into instruments (he loves the violin, the bassoon, the trombone, the saxophone, the piano). However, I find that Jess and I are using it a lot more than he. One afternoon as I was "practicing" Praise to the man (the hymn book is the only sheet music I have in the house, that and the Messiah), I had to remind myself to share, as Oliver really wanted to play it. And one morning Jess, looking like the pied piper and dancing a jig, produced some sophisticated chords with a great beat that made us laugh. After he finished his production, Oliver reached for the horn. The pied piper acquiesced and Oliver played a couple of grand notes with a lot of gusto.

We are working on learning to share in this house, all three of us.


AnnaM said...

That is one cool looking toy. How can you not love a piano and horn mixed into one?

kel said...

fabulous! where did you find it?