Happy 4th

Happy Fourth of July to all of you. May we remember the blessings of independence and the people who made it possible.

Living in the location where we do, we get to be amongst some of the soldiers who are recovering from wounds suffered because of the current conflict. Each time we interact with them, I am amazed at their upbeat-ness and positive attitude and I am grateful for their service.

Yesterday, we were able to hear many people speak about their love for this country. Many of whom were not born in America nor are they citizens, yet they spoke of the equality and the opportunity this country provides. It's neat to hear about the country from this perspective.

May you enjoy the fireworks, the barbeques, the time with family. And with the risk of sounding cliche, God Bless the USA.

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jo said...

Cool perspective. I would have liked to be at that meeting.