4 days

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit my sister's home. She just had a new (very cute, very sweet) baby and I went out to assist with anything that may need assisting. It was a wonderful stay and this baby's parents are already pros. Holding the little one reminded me of when Oliver was weeks old. It was a lot of fun.

On the plane ride there and back I read a lot. There was no cheesy, ridiculous, or mildly entertaining film available, which I was bummed about at first, but once I started reading the Pearl Buck Reader (thanks mom-in-law) I brought, who cares about the film, or even the beverage service. Wonderful stories. If you ever want to read a great book, try The Good Earth. I also read portions of her autobiography and found a wonderful quote:

There should be a deep attachment [between parents and children], heart should be tied to heart between parent and child, for unless the child learns how to love a parent profoundly, I believe that he will never learn how to love anyone else profoundly, and not knowing how to love means the loss of meaning of life and its fulfillment.

Putting the generalization (by using the word "never") aside, I found this quote so apropos for my visit.


jo said...

cute baby T. so jealous of your stay. and I love the quote you shared. Thanks, Ash.

Natalie said...

Wow, so did you leave Oliver home? How did that go? I'm glad you got to help your sister!

kel said...

thanks for the post and the update. i'm so glad you had a good stay and that you were there for B&T&T. :)

Chap said...

you are wonderful,what a blessing you sisters are to each other! we missed you and Jess and Oliver (and Clark)in Provo this weekend!