When I was a teen, living in the basement bedroom, I did not like getting up in the morning. No sir. Surprise, surprise, right?

When I was in college, same deal.

After I got married, same deal. Jess and I were notorious for sleeping in until 10am on Saturdays.

But now, the morning is my most productive time of the day I tell you. By 9:00am I have already:

- gotten Oliver out of bed and played with "some toys"
- taken a jog
- kept my muscles up to par with some crunches and the like (one of which includes punching the air with soup cans in my hands - ha)
- made Oliver breakfast
- made Jess lunch
- taken a shower and gotten ready
- walked Jess to the metro to say goodbye for the day
- taken a look at the construction site with Oliver
- and walked home.

This early schedule has made us mega-early for things. "Mega-early?" you say, "is this Ashley's blog or am I reading someone else's?" you continue to think. I have changed you see, so much so that I've arrived at the library, Costco, and the mall before they have opened.

But for some reason, we only get to church on time about 50 percent of the time. And our branch starts at 1pm. There's always room for improvement I guess.


jo said...

You were right! If it weren't for the cute boy pictured above the text, I would have thought I was reading someone else's blog entirely.

New mantra? Why be late when you can always be early? Still doesn't count for church though :).

p.s. you may hear me saying "mega-early" from now on. great phrase.

Janice said...

I was the same way until I married Dentist husband. We had to be up at 5:30 to get him to the bus stop on time. Now we are serious early risers and "mega-early" applies to us as well. Why doesn't Costco open before 10:00 am I ask?

And, we CANNOT get to bed later than 11:00 pm. (I used to be a 1:00 am person.)

Natalie said...

Wow. That is quite impressive. What time do you get up to have time for all that? I still have to drag myself out of bed whenever the kids demand it. I must need some tips!

kel said...

turning over a new leaf, eh? good work Ash - especially the soup cans exercise. English and i loafed in bed until 8 this morning while the kids played and drew on the kitchen floor. i almost felt like a young-married.

James said...

This morning we were all up and eating, playing etc. by 6 a.m. Mega-early is frequent at our place too. You've inspired me with your disciplined ab workouts!