One year we stayed home for Memorial Day and I just about went crazy. So now, when May rolls around, I try to have something planned for the long weekend. Plus, it’s amazing to see how much my kids remember trips and talk about them even years after so I always think a trip is worth all the effort. This year, we planned to go to Arches National Park and it was awesome. 

Apparently, Memorial Day weekend is the busiest weekend for the Park but they do a great job keeping order (plus they close the park if too many people are in it). The first morning we were there, our goal was to reach the Delicate Arch. We did it and enjoyed quite the view when we made it!

We got a bit closer while Jess or I took turns watching Ian where there wasn’t any slope. We saw people from all over. We met a couple who had driven down from Park City (they were visiting from DC) and were on there way back after the hike. That’s a 7 hour drive in one day to see this view! While hiking back, Jess was a champ giving Ian and Ansel a ride. 

We then visited Double Arch. This was one of our favorites. Both Ansel and Oliver climbed to the opening of the arch and were very proud of their accomplishment because there was a big drop on the other side. 

See Jess (in the green shirt) up there assisting Ansel? He was very proud to have made it to the top. 
We finished off the day swimming. The kids LOVED the swimming pool. Here Ansel and Ollie are playing a game Oliver made up called pool soccer. 

Ansel learned how to almost swim in the hot tub here. He was so proud of himself. Ian was a fan too. Who wouldn’t be when you’re doing this kind of stuff? 

The next day we decided to go back to the park. Too many good things to see. Cool trees that looked like an arch being one of them. 

Spotting bugs (this is a talent of Ian’s), and lizards, and seeing more arches. 
Landscape Arch is a favorite of mine. 

We ended our day with a view of Tunnel Arch and found a shady spot next to Pine Tree Arch. 

The kids were great hikers. Jess was patient with Ian and often stayed back and arrived at an arch 5 minutes after Ollie, Ansel, and me because Ian wanted to walk everywhere. 
It was a great time and another Memorial Day in the books. On the way home Jess and I discussed the gratitude we have for all the individuals who have served our country, some of whom we are acquainted with. We also spoke of the people we miss who have gone before us. We consider it a great blessing to have had such a wonderful time with our little family. 

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