Christmas Eve

With a sign by Ansel and an United States cookie with the name S. Claus on it as dictated by Ollie, our fireplace is ready for Santa's arrival. Our discussion while preparing this spread included these gems:

Oliver: How many carrots should we put out for nine reindeer?

Ansel: Let's only put out two cookies for Santa. 
Oliver: How about eight?
Me: How about we compromise and put out four?

Ansel: I want Santa to see my cotton ball Santa beard!
Me: Put it by the fireplace for him to see it!

And as we are going to bed,
Oliver: What about a glass of milk?
And with that Ollie poured a glass and placed it next to the cookies and the kids were off to bed. 

And Ian, well, he was dreaming of sugar plums while this all went down. But here he is enjoying the snow in an oversized coat. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Chap said...

Adorable! And now we know why Santa has a nice round belly!