The other night I broiled some salmon and we had a delicious dinner. Then we all rushed to parent teacher conference to meet Ollie's teacher. Jess met us there. It was a nice meeting. As we left the school Jess said to me, "Did you guys have fish for dinner?" He had come straight from work and wasn't privy to what we'd consumed. "Yep," I responded, realizing that we'd filled up that teacher's room with the aroma of the Atlantic. "Because Ian smells like he's been smoked with it," Jess added, "and you have some pepper stuck in your teeth."

I'm pretty sure I made a great impression on Oliver's teacher. 


jo said...

Naw, if anything she's impressed that your children eat salmon! Besides all those omega 3s. Now if you'd smelled if twinkies and had chocolate milk mustache, that's a different story.

Chap said...

Oh how funny! Well I guess the teacher could consider herself Booed!