Switzerland about 16 years ago

Lately, I've been reading blogs where people report on their trips to Europe. Many individuals share photos of Switzerland, and man, that place is beautiful!  It takes me back to a trip my parents, three of my siblings and I took a good while back. What great memories. It makes me want to travel with my little family soon!

My sister and I up high with mountains behind us and a glacier in front of us. 
My sisters and I enjoying the view of the Matterhorn from our Zermatt hotel balcony. 
My dad, who has Swiss heritage, living a dream and playing the alp horn in the mountains of Switzerland. We all look very serious about this moment. 
My brother, mom and I enjoying the lake in Interlaken.  
The fam enjoying one of the many waterfalls and quaint mountainsides found in Switzerland. 

Oh, what a trip! And I must say, with that haircut and my clothes, I was mistaken for a local many, many times on the trip. Haha!


Chap said...

How cute to see your happy mom and your mom and dad enjoying a hug in one of the photos. What a beautiful place, so glad that you got to go there with some of your favorite people!!

jo said...

It's true! You were mistaken for a local quite often. I remember you saying,"that guy asked me where something was in German, I should have just said, 'I don't know,' in German" so yeah, you were closer to being a local than the rest of us!