Boys camp

I'm sitting here in the living room all by myself at home. This is a rarity. Home alone and it's quiet. Jess and the boys have been gone for a total of 4 minutes and I'm already missing them.  Cheesy but true!

They are off to what Ollie has termed "boys camp."  Since I go up to girls camp with the young women (and was up there yesterday), the father and sons campout or what now has become the neighborhood family campout is "boys camp" to Ollie. He has been talking about going on this campout since he got home from the last one last summer. Often he would count down the days to said boys camp, "Mom, there are 12 days til boys camp."  And this time around Ansel gets to go. He is just as excited. He helped pack his own bag and remembered not to forget his compass. He even buckled himself into his car seat 5 minutes before anyone was even outside getting in the car. Needless to say, they were pumped.

Their excitement made me want to jump in the car with them and go. But this 7 month pregnant body would be a-twisting and a-turning in the night all the while trying not to wake them up, so I'll forgo boys camp. Plus, it's special to spend time just with dad. I hope they have a rip roaring time. 

These three, what a great crew!

photo from a previous campout on Memorial Day weekend, Yuba Lake 2016