I'd have to say that I really enjoy being a mother. It takes work, but it's sure something that makes my soul full of joy. It makes me grow and develop in ways that stretch me. It can be hard, like for instance when you worry to high heaven about one thing or another or when you're at the airport during a lay over and your kids want to play soccer and shoot goals with the tennis ball you brought. I guess I should have known better, bringing out that tennis ball. 

Yesterday was a day to celebrate mothers. I sure had a great one. An optimist with a can-do attitude who didn't let anything stop her. These are qualities I keep striving to gain. 

On Sunday, I was treated to salmon with fresh peas and a salad that Jess has become famous for in our house. I received hugs and kisses from my boys and it was wonderful.  This group is the best. 


jo said...

Love these posts!

Chap said...

They are the best, and the trees in the background almost look like an outline of the SLC temple (do you see what I mean??)

ash said...

Haha! I do see it!