Skiing with the kids, try no. 1

Ansel says, "I'm ready to go home."

Yesterday we took the kids skiing for the first time. They were both up for it and we, as parents, were geared up and ready to go. The day was gray, very snowy, and the slopes were covered with powder. This of course, is wonderful for a seasoned skier but for two little boys who'd never been on the mountain before, it was a bit crazy. Still, the boys were patient and Ollie skied like a champ. Ansel got cold pretty quick, but he loved the rope tow. Jess and I are pretty sore today from how much effort the rope tow was due to having to support a nearly 3 or 6 year old. However, by the end Oliver could do it all by himself. I was impressed (and tired) at the end of the day.  

Ollie has a successful run down the hill

Then it took us 2 hours to get down the mountain. Wow! Holiday traffic mixed with the snowstorm took us back to our DC days and traffic jams. At one point Ansel and his new potty training self had to go while mom opened the door and held him tight. 

During our ride down the canyon, these were their "calm" faces. 

Adventures in parenting!  Totally worth it. 


Jess said...

Much more effort on the parent end (especially with the rope tow) then I was expecting, but totally glad we did it. Hopefully, the boys will get many years of enjoyment from skiing.

samaaaa said...
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