Merry Christmas

This Christmas season has been full of many things. We've had get-togethers, and parties, singing and sledding. We've had Christmas shopping and light decorating, card sending and gifting. What a wonderful time of year. I've been trying to get everything done so I can take a moment to soak it all in.  

I've had those moments here and there amid the errands and checking off lists. The moments when you can just feel the good and remember Christ's birth and how he lived and what he taught. One of them was just this evening.

I began to make tonight's dinner and bake some bread for our Christmas meal (we are going semi-traditional with ham sandwiches...at least we are having ham!). The doorbell rang. We have had neighbors dropping off gifts often the last few days. But I opened the door to my uncle! I haven't talked to him for at least 9 months, possibly a year.  Our families used to get together every Christmas for many years when I was a child and into adulthood. But everyone has grown and his wife (who hosted the party) has ill health, so the party has fallen to the wayside.  And I don't get a chance to see them much. 

But there he was, on my doorstep!

"We got your Christmas card in the mail and in the back it said that you guys like cinnamon rolls. So I thought I'd bring you some different kinds to try." He then proceeded to hand over some frozen cinnamon rolls, "Make 'em whenever you want. Maybe for Christmas breakfast!"

We chatted, I thanked him, gave him a hug and wished him a Merry Christmas. And off he went. I walked back in the house as I thought about his kindness. 

Here was my uncle, who is taking care of a suffering wife, thinking of me and my family on the eve of Christmas Eve.  Reaching out to another without any ulterior motives, just simple kindness.  That is the Christmas spirit indeed.

And with that I say, may you all (whoever still reads this) have a wonderful holiday full of the Christmas spirit!

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jamesandlindsaylattin said...

What a great Christmas story.