July likes to fly by

July always speeds along quickly with much goings on here and there with nary a chance to take a breath, but boy, is it fun!

Now I know today is 27 July, but my last few days of July I've got a trip and I don't foresee me sitting down to post until around 10 August when I'll be spouting on about how I can't believe it's August already!  And how school starts on the 19th. But I digress. 

July! What a time we've had! Beginning with cousins from back east coming to visit. We had lots of fun going to the zoo, enjoying the classic BBQ, Grandpa and Grandma's new pool, and lazy evenings out on the porch swing. Summer + porch swing = ahhhh. The Fourth of July was as great as ever, full of parade wonder and clever comments all the way to water balloons and fireworks. 

At the zoo watching the spraying dinos
Get Uncle Jess!
Sparkler lighting

Then girls camp came and went. I was able to catch a little more than half of the fun and it was a good time. I slept so well, ate even better, and played Catch Phrase round after round. The girls were top notch and hopefully it's clear to them that I think so. 

{no photos here due to the no electronics rule}

Bring on family reunion 2015! We had a splendid time playing at the beach, visiting the San Luis Rey mission, going to Legoland, and singing and dancing. I boogie boarded to my heart's content and so did Jess (although he could always do more). Our kids couldn't get enough of the beach. Plus, we learned Ansel loves cacti and Oliver loves drawing (we had to make an emergency run to buy crayons!). 

Ollie gives boogie boarding a try
Ansel on a California evening
Pointing out the cactus spines
My first ever viewing of a lime tree
The mission steps
Oliver loved this Legoland globe, we got a photo of each quarter of the world
On the pier one evening
We could hardly get the kids to sit still for this photo, they were having such a fun time with cousins

Add that to the splash park visits, the swimming pool, and friend outings, and July (and summer) has been a good time indeed!

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Jess said...

It has been a great summer. Here's to a great fall.