April fool's day

What kind of stuff should we do to fool mom?

Oliver is really into doing some fooling of his own this year. We worked on a sign to surprise dad. He ran through it right as Jess came in the room. Good way to start the day. 

Then he asked Jess to help him with a few tricks. The first, telling mom he didn't have school today. Classic. The second was even more classic.  This is how it panned out. 

Dad, what's another joke we can do to mom?

Get a piece of candy and take the candy out. Then re-wrap it so it looks like a piece of candy is really in there. Then ask mom if she'd like a piece of candy. 

Ollie runs in the kitchen and asks, Hey mom, can I have a candy wrapper?

And, of course, I appeared totally fooled when he gave me that same wrapper wrapped around a rubber ball and looking like a chocolate Bon Bon. 

And in other news, Ansel likes that spring has sprung around here. Our front and backyards have become an extension of the play room. 


Chap said...

Oh that tricky Oliver! (don't you love the innocence of asking you for the wrapper?) Those boys sure do love the outside! What was Ansel pointing at? Did you plant the tulips last year or have those been there a while? I love that bulbs increase in number after time goes by!! Our tulips are up and pretty, too. And somehow a few daffodils are in the yard-were they in the bag of tulip bulbs that I planted a few years ago? Happy Spring!

ash said...

Those tulips were here when we came. I love them and feel like adding more. We too have a sole daffodil in a sea of tulips! I bet your yard looks wonderful. Yes, happy spring!

Jess said...

We need to work on delivery, but I have a feeling Oliver will be playing some pretty good tricks as time goes by. I only fear that I may be a recurring target.