1959 bowling alley

In our neck of the woods there's a country club and it's getting torn down in just a few weeks to make room for a new one. I'm so sentimental it's hard for me to see the change. But the funny thing is, I haven't spent all that much time at the club. A few wedding receptions plus running and driving by it is really all the exposure I've had to the place. But still my heart is sad to see the old go. I don't know what it is: dislike of change, liking the history of old things, realizing I'm getting older.  

Imagine my excitement when we were invited as a youth group to bowl in the small bowling alley in the basement of the country club tonight. It was the last night you could bowl at the place and we had all six lanes to ourselves. Plus, they aren't rebuilding the alley, so this was the last night you could bowl at the country club forever! I couldn't get enough!  I love a good game of 10 frames. The place was built in 1959 but is as pristine as ever (well, as pristine as a bowling alley can be). And we had to keep our own score with wax pencils and everything. No neon lights or pixelated scoring screens with cheesy graphics (admittedly those screens are enjoyed by my kids). I was loving it.  

We had a great time. I'm sad to see it go but so happy we got to use it on its last night of use. 


jo said...

Cool! It reminds me of Holiday Lanes. So many good memories there too.

Chap said...

Oh, that is so sad!! Couldn't you buy a lane and put it in your basement? The wood is so pretty.