Gluten free, can it be?

For the last six months I have not had three consecutive days without a headache. I've suffered headaches before, but these are different, nauseating, and very sadly consistent. I've tried all sorts of things ranging from doctor visits to physical therapy plus peppermint oil and exercise. Headaches are puzzles that can be difficult to solve, and my case is definitely one of them.

Now last month, I had 11 days without having to take painkiller. Six of those days were headache free while the others were only slight headache days. It was amazing. I thought maybe I had kicked it. 

Then they came back. I tried to think of what I had done those 11 days that would have helped my headaches. It just so happens that during those days I didn't eat much due to the fear of catching a stomach bug Ollie had. Was it not eating sugar? Gluten? Dairy? 

My guess is as good as anyone's, so I am running a series of experiments to see if going off of anything helps. This week is gluten. And it is surprisingly hard to do. I mean I love doughnuts for pete's sake! But it would be well worth it if it cured my headache issue. 

All this explanation to say, I used coconut flour to make some blueberry muffins today. Amazingly good. Not the same. But still good. 


jo said...

I have a good cook book is you'd like me to pass it along. I love several of the recipes.

Best of luck!

Chap said...

I hope you find the key!!

Chap said...

I think they have identified some headache trigger foods that you might look at, too.

ash said...

Turns out gluten is not the culprit. Onto the next experiment.