Here we go

Ollie's off to school today.  He and I weren't ready to say good bye to the stay-home-and-play (-and-I-know-everything-you-are-doing-thank-heavens) phase. But he's had some good pep talks from his dad and me, and we talked more as we walked up to the school, and sure enough, he mustered up the courage and went in.  He's going to do great!  As he marched into that school, I gathered the courage to adios the old phase and move onto the go-to-school-then-come-home-and-play phase.  And even though it's hard, it sounds good too.

Say cheerio to our summer schedule (thanks to big O for writing this up):

Say hello to our school year:


jo said...

So exciting! What a cute school kid!

Chap said...

His teacher is going to LOVE that little boy. I love how he wrote the "long vowel sound line" about his letters in the list! (Oliver: Is it spelled vowel or vowell?? Please answer.)

Spencer and Julia said...

Oh he's so big! I hope it's a great start for him!

Heather DeWitt said...

I can't believe he's in kindergarten. How is he liking school?