Um, mom...

He's growing up so fast he's got a mustache!
Oliver has started getting up from bed, right after we put him to sleep.  He gets up and insists he has to tell us something.  The night before last he wanted to tell me that, well, that - he had to think for a while - and then it came to him.  He wanted to give me a squeeze, i.e. a hug.  It was pretty darn clever/cute.  Then last night he came down and mentioned that he had had one nightmare, which was actually pretty amazing seeing as he was in his bed for only 2 minutes.  He followed up by requesting to watch some television.  The answer was a kind no, and back up to bed he went.

I remember doing the exact same thing as a child.  Getting up, telling mom I needed something when all I really was doing was staying up just a few more minutes.  I even remember hiding behind the couch and watching tv a good while before getting caught or going back to bed for fear of getting caught.

It is neat to watch kids develop and grow. It is funny how no one teaches a child to get out of bed with a faux excuse but each one comes up with it on his own and every kid does it.

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