Hello February

Lots of change to come our way in February.

January was great and went by fast. It included a new garage, some snow melting inside our house, two speeding tickets (lay off the gas pedal Ash and Jess!), lots of baked goods, Ollie making up words and saying they are Spanish (noodley is "don't know" in Spanish apparently), visits with friends, Sunbeams for Oliver, naps, some good football watching, and playing with the camera.

And now it's Feb. Stay tuned.


jo said...

Staying tuned! Can't wait! Seriously, can't wait!!!

The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Good to see you last month! Cool pic, and I am looking forward to an update.

Da said...

So changing from cars to bikes? to help change the environment? health? and even speed tickets?..lol