bp's science: the art of shopping (v.1)

This holiday season, try this tip out: don't hold a basket at stores.  Research shows shoppers holding a basket (instead of pushing one) were seven more times likely to buy items that they weren't planning on buying or didn't need.  Why? They aren't really sure what the science is behind it but scientist theorize that the flexing of your arm activates the desire to acquire.  Or that the arm gets uncomfortable while shopping so it signals to your brain, "Gather whatever you can, man, and get out of here!"  A Snickers bar at the front cashier will provide the energy you need and will take less time than fetching an apple from the produce section.

I wonder what the difference is between customers who held a basket and those who held or pushed nothing.  What about carrying a bag on your shoulder (like in IKEA)?  What do you think?

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